Deep inside we know what’s right for us.

We frivolously tend to consider ourselves as guests in nature while truthfully speaking, we are an inseparable part of it. As the seasons change and the moon makes its turns, we don’t remain unaffected. Our fast-paced lives in the cities add significantly to our destabilisation. As a result, we often experience fatigue, lack of energy or an even more severe decline of our health. The profound teachings of ancient health-related disciplines like Ayurveda provide very applicable strategies to balance out the effects our lifestyle and environment have on us.

It all starts with our nutrition, which can be as powerful as medicine if used wisely. At PRANAYUM we are deeply soaked into this knowledge, draw great inspiration from ancient teachings and turn it into yummy recipes. Our sacred teas can become an important – and much loved – element of your healthy lifestyle. They are refined compositions of high-quality tea leaves with selected herbs and spices and we blend them with great care. Just a single cup can lift your mood, energise your body and elevate your day.

Our mission

PRANAYUM stands for Gifting sacred moments. We believe that our life is a sequence of moments and though we probably can’t change your life all at once we can make an effort to add a couple of special moments to it.

Our work happens from a space of gratitude and with the awareness that we have been showered with countless blessings in our lives. The wish to do something that utilises our talents and uplifts others gave birth to our business and will always stay at it’s foundation. We envision a society with less stress, more compassion and a deeper sense of belonging. If we can sprinkle some happiness in your day or even add a sacred element to it – then we feel it was right.

Our connection with the Art of Living Foundation and their beautiful projects is undeniable and lead to the decision to donate regularly to their Gift A Smile program. We are enthusiastic about these kids and wish to add lots of happy moments to their lives.

Om Shanti